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P103 - Proto Pipe Original
Try the good old proto pipe with poker and stash. Made in USA Zoom in to see original manufacture PP protopipe stamp. The proto pipe deluxe is a great gift idea and totally cleanable.
You Save:$17.00
Taking Care of your Proto Pipe

    Poker is used to tamp tobacco, and clean permanent screen. To use the Poker to remove the Trap from bottom of pipe, oush tip into ceter hole, and give the shaft a light tap. The Poker interlocks and holds all of the parts together. When tension is loose slightly bend POD Tab to adjust friction fit. 

    Convenient 5 Bowl POD (tobacco container) is also used to tamp the tobacco. Swivel Bowl LID can be used as a handle, or closed to snuff out fire, and to protect the content of the bowl . Use 54 Hex Wrench to adjust Lid Tension Screw, moving it as little as possible.

     Keeping Tar Trap surface, and the walls of its chamber clean, will help pipe to work well. If Trap is stuck in pipe, heat bottom to soften the rough tar, before trying to remove. Use Q-Tips, strong alcohol, and food gade acetone, to remove tar.