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B8106-R - Whip-it Ion Torch Red

Whip-it's new Red Ion Torch is a high quality butane torch. The torch can heat up to 2500 degrees Farenheit and is great for cooks when making culinary foods. The torch can keep burning for 90 minutes non-stop at the midsetting. Don't worry about a shock because the torch has a waterproof piezo electronic ingnition system. It has adjustable temperature control as well as a hands free lever.

Regular Price:$59.99 / Each
Sale Price:$49.99 / Each
You Save:$10.00 / Each

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  • Ideal for culinary arts
  • Up to 2500 F and 1350 C
  • Waterproof electronic piezo ignition system
  • 90 minute non-stop burning
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Runs on butane
  • Metal tank
  • Red
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