• Pack of three empty pods
  • Available in three different coil types
  • Ready to pair up with your favorite Nic-Salt juice!
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    This three pack of SMOK Novo Pods is empty and ready to be primed with your favorite juice! They are available in three different coil types. The 0.8 Ohm Mesh Pods provide great vapor production and have a very long lifespan, but are a bit too much power for use with strong Nic-Salt juices. The 1.5 Ohm Regular Pods are the classic Novo Pod, and are the pods included with the device kit. They're designed to handle juices that are more potent and have more Nicotine. The 1.4 Ohm Ceramic Pods provide a similar experience to the original 1.5 Ohm Pods, and heat very evenly and smoothly. Make sure to try each type of pod to see what option you like best.