• Easy to use!
  • Pocket portable
  • 50mg/ml Nicotine
  • USB type-C Charging!
  • 650mah Battery
  • Has smart battery % Smart Screen!
  • Amazing Watermelon Kiwi Berry flavor
  • Throw away once done!
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    Introducing the Snowwolf Watermelon Kiwi Berry 5-Pack, a burst of irresistible fruit flavors in every puff. Crafted to delight your taste buds, this refreshing combination of juicy watermelon, succulent kiwi, and sweet berry notes is the perfect vaping companion for those who crave a delightful fusion of natural flavors. This 5-pack ensures you have ample supply for extended enjoyment, and with Snowwolf's commitment to quality, you can count on a consistent and satisfying vaping experience. Whether you're a fruit aficionado or simply seeking a refreshing and tropical escape, this blend offers a harmonious balance of sweetness and freshness, making it an ideal choice for both casual and seasoned vapers alike. Dive into the world of Snowwolf Watermelon Kiwi Berry and let your senses embark on a fruity adventure that's nothing short of extraordinary.

    Pack of 5 box is 5.25" Length x 2.25" Width x 4.25" height.

    1 box contains 5 packs of individually packed disposable vapes with barcodes