f.k.a "Classic Menthol"

  • Cool menthol flavor with mild tobacco notes, and an icy finish
  • Available in 5% (50mg/ml) or 3% (30mg/ml) Nicotine strength
  • Each box contains 8 packs - 4 pods per pack
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      The JUUL is often cited as the gold standard for pre-filled salt vapes, and the Menthol flavor is no exception. Taking the title for the freshest feeling finish, these Menthol Pods are a favorite among former menthol cigarette smokers. The icy cool taste of pure menthol is paired with mild tobacco undertones, and finishes with a nice smooth exhale. With no ash and no tar, this flavor is sure to keep you from reaching for your pack of smokes. These juices are virtually odorless, so you don't have to worry about disturbing others while you enjoy your vape.

      Available in 5% or 3% Salt Nicotine!