• Refillable!
  • Safety lock
  • adjustable flame
  • Durable & high quality
  • Long lasting design for easy usability!

More colors and designs! VVV


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    Introducing the Scorch Torch Set, a versatile and reliable collection of torch lighters designed to elevate your lighting experience. Crafted with precision and functionality in mind, these torches are perfect for a variety of applications, from culinary tasks to outdoor activities. The set ensures you have an ample supply for all your lighting needs. Each torch features an adjustable flame control for customized use, providing the perfect flame intensity for different tasks. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during use, and the high-quality construction guarantees durability. Upgrade your lighting game with the Scorch Torch Set, where reliability and versatility meet in one comprehensive package.

    This product carries 6 torches in a display case. Which is 8" length, 7" width, and 5" height. weighing about 3.53lb with the display case

    6 PC torches weighing approximately 3.53lb including display